The Hungarian Psychological Association is one of Hungary’s oldest scientific associations founded in 1928. The Association aims at organizing and developing scientific life, education, research, and application of psychology in Hungary. Also, its mission is to inform its members about ongoing discussions, events, and trends of their profession. The Association plays an active part in the continuing education of Hungarian professionals, the distribution of psychological knowledge to the general public, as well as in developing and maintaining international relationships.

Members receive monthly newsletters containing information about current events, vacancies, new literature, tenders, and postgraduate educational opportunities. The Association releases its own scientific journal under the title Hungarian Psychological Review (Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle). Further, the Association organises annual conferences for its members in order to create a forum for presenting scientific results and professional experience, as well as for exchanging opinions and best practices. The Association is proud to acknowledge personal achievement via the Ranschburg Honour Medal and the Association’s Honour Medal. The Association currently has 1850 active members.